A state-of-the-art machine fleet for cold metal working and the production of small metal parts

Moretto Group creates customised solutions, managing the entire industrial process, from the initial technical feasibility studies to creation of the finished product.

To ensure highest quality excellence and diversify the processes, the Group has set up an innovative and high performing machine fleet, invested in digitalisation and is aiming for technological leadership.

The machines selected by Moretto Group, 20.000 m2 of production space out of a total of 39.200 m2, represent the utmost competitiveness in terms of quality, costs and time.

  • 4 servo-presses of 1250, 2000, 2.500 and 3200 tons with bench from 5000×1600 up to 9000x2400mm
  • 40 mechanical presses from 50 to 2000 tons with bench from 1350x740mm up to 5000x1500mm
  • 12 manual presses from 315 a 1600 tons with bench 4000x1000mm
  • 7 hydraulic presses from 200 to 1500 tons with 2200x1400mm bench
  • Robotized tandem line with 1500 ton hydraulic press and 2 mechanical presses of 500 tons
Stampi - Moretto Group


Moretto Group moulds

Within its production facilities, Moretto Group is able to build moulds of different types and sizes, including for complex components and very tight tolerances.