Production sites

Production sites
Sede in Italia

Moretto Group, highly specialised since 1983

Our history is industrial, made up of people, machines and technical knowledge, which began in 1983 in Veneto, the beating, manufacturing heart of north-eastern Italy.

We are a company specialised in the cold processing of metal sheets and other alloys. We produce stamped, assembled, welded and mechanically processed parts, creating semi-finished products mainly intended for the automotive and household appliance sectors, but also including the truck industry and other product categories. Our many years of experience allows us to work alongside the Customer and bring innovative and technologically advanced solutions to the market, organising a complete range of services around the specific needs, ranging from the feasibility study to the search for new production processes.

Moretto Group is the right partner for technical challenges that aim at production excellence for the benefit of Customers, Suppliers and Partners.

Sede Serbia Moretto Group

Moretto D.o.o., cold working of metals and production of stamped metal parts

Since 2013, Moretto Group has been on the scene in Serbia with Moretto D.o.o., a production plant with a strong strategic significance. Positioned in an essential geopolitical area, Moretto Doo is able to supply and work with customers and industrial players on the Eurasian market and in the Balkan countries.

Sede Polonia Moretto Group

Moretto Polska, cold working of metals and production of stamped metal parts

Moretto Group has been on the scene in Poland since 2014 with Moretto Polska, a production plant capable of coping with the industrial internationalisation process of the metalworking sector. Moretto Polska is the right partner to work alongside the largest multinationals in the sector.