Moretto Group

Your industrial partner for cold metal working and manufacture of small metal parts

Technical knowledge, technological innovation and highly specialised. Moretto Group is a company with a productive DNA, a sector leader in the cold working of metal sheets and industrial stamping, with consolidated experience in the automotive, household appliance and truck sectors.

Work flow

Our Moretto Group processes, starting from the specific needs of the customer, plan the industrialisation of the production process and create efficient solutions both in terms of costs and productivity.
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Product treatment to eliminate oil residues and guarantee the cleaning specifications requested by the Customer
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Shaving removal using a combination of rotary and rectilinear movements for complete machining of components.
Moretto Group

Moretto Group, more than just a supplier

We are transparent partners, trained technicians, reliable and highly specialised professionals. Since 1983, thanks to our technical design and mould construction skills, we have been working in synergy with our customers, guaranteeing them the best cold processing, from small metal parts to extremely thick and highly complex components. A wide range of services in sheet metal stamping and processing.

Moretto Group areas of specialisation

Production quality, technical experience and design skills to overcome every challenge, from the automotive industry to household appliances, as well as trucks and other product categories.
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